Low Acidic Coffee and Why You Should Be drinking it

I love coffee. I absolutely love it and have several cups everyday. I also suffer from stomach problems and have for many years. One time I threw up all over my stomach sleeper pillow due to the amount of ingested coffee. I was diagnosed with an ulcer and have since been diagnosed with acid reflux disease. I was surprised to find out that acid reflux disease runs in my family and I began to think that it was more a matter of genetics than anything else. After several discussions with my primary physician, I had to rethink this assumption and instead turn my focus on my own habits and diet. Perhaps my zealous love of coffee was doing me some harm.

Eating Organic Foods and How not to spend an arm and a Leg

Like most people, I like to eat healthy food. With all the news about the harmful effects of pesticides, hormones used in the growth of beef, and genetic engineering, I would prefer to eat organic food all the time if possible. Although this isn’t always a possibility, I do like eat healthy food when I can. The problem is that organic food can be so much more expensive. Take a trip to Safeway, or whatever grocery store you shop at, and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. You can find just about any standard vegetable or fruit that you want at a reasonable price, but if they do have an organic variation, it is always much more expensive. If you go to a place like Whole Foods, a store specializing in carrying a wide range of health foods and organic products, expect to pay much more! Of course, buying organic wholesale food is one of the most obvious solutions. You’d be surprised how easy it is to get organic food wholesale. There are many organic wholesalers around the country, willing to sell you your food at substantial discounts. There are a few problems with this approach, however. One of the biggest problems is that if you want to buy at a real organic wholesale shop, you have to buy in bulk. Unless you have a family of 20 or more, this can be unrealistic! One of the best solutions is to get a buyers club together. With a […]